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Your Business Needs External IT Support—Here's Why

Diving into the new world of digital technology can be tough, and that can be especially true when it comes topics like business technology, business support, and IT support. At BTC Business, we understand small businesses like yours don’t have the luxury of a team of fully qualified IT staff behind them, and that’s why we created a smart solutions portfolio to help you get things done.

We’ve got the tools you need to help with any technical challenges you might encounter on your business’s digital journey. Introducing our Digital Helpdesk - your business’s new best friend for all your online activity! 

How External Tech Support Can Change Your Business

Whether it’s getting new laptops to support employees, installing new, smart TVs to improve customer engagement at your sites, or implementing tablets at your points of sale, new technology enters the workplace every day. And with that comes a myriad of technical challenges. 

We’ve all spent way too many hours syncing up accounts that don’t want to log in or figuring out how to install computer drivers. That matches the latest academic research, which says biz leaders can waste up to 22 hours a week on rote, unproductive tasks—what does that kind of timesink add up to for your business?

At BTC Business, with services like our Digital Helpdesk, we can ensure you don’t waste hours of your busy day fixing IT problems, by putting a 24-7 support team at your fingertips. 

We do it in whatever way that works for you. Whether you’re more comfortable placing a call, sending an email, or simply opening a support ticket, there are a range of ways for you to get in touch, quickly and easily.  

Expert Guidance Beyond Support 

Our Digital Helpdesk can help in ways beyond solving your tech problems as well. Our team isn’t just there to support you in your times of need, we’re also here to offer any advice you might need across numerous integral digital channels, including:  

  • App setup for popular digital communication tools like Google and WhatsApp for Business.
  • Presence advice to help you set up, change, or grow your digital marketing efforts.

Watch our video to find out more about how our solutions can help you. Whether you’re looking to set up new TVs, configure online ordering through a social media app, or just looking for basic tech support, our team can help you overcome those pesky IT challenges and capitalize on opportunities. We’re here for you! 

Sign up today and see how our Digital Helpdesk can help your business innovate, evolve, and thrive! 



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