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Success story: Natahsa Ortega and Sieben Bath & Body

Discover how Sieben Bath & Body benefited from Flow Business high-quality connectivity.
Nicolas Sack
By Nicolas Sack
/ May 21, 2024 / Reading time: 9 min

Here at Flow Business, we like to help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive by providing them with high-quality connectivity. It always brings us a lot of joy to hear about successful cases where one of our customers improved the way of doing business with one of our plans.

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Today, we will talk about Sieben Bath & Body, a company from Sint Maarten that manufactures natural and hand-made body products. As Natahsa Ortega, owner of Sieben Bath & Body, says, the company works as a trusted destination for all skincare and daily routine essentials. From luxurious body oils to refreshing handmade soaps, Sieben Bath & Body will have you covered.

Natasha believes that it is crucial for her business to rely on a trustworthy mobile connectivity to keep in touch with her customers at all times, receive orders, and sell online. That’s why, in order to satisfy each and every customer’s need and deliver a seamless experience, Sieben Bath & Body chose us to provide them with the mobile and internet plans needed to succeed.

Sieben Bath & Body is one of the many companies that chose us as their trusted ally. Here at Flow Business, we are always ready to give a helping hand to any entrepreneur willing to take his or her business to a whole new level. So do as Natasha and let us help you make your business thrive!

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