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Digital Hacks: How To Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Profile

Now that you know why you need WhatsApp Business, it’s time to set a profile for your business! Digital Marketing Expert Keron Rose offers you a step-by-step guide to get going in this episode of Flow Business Digital Hacks.

Caribay Cuisine Pivots to Inknowvation Pitch Challenge Success

Caribay Cuisine began as a Master's degree project, blossomed into a global marketplace for Caribbean products and virtual culinary tours showcasing Bahamian cuisine, and earned the third-place prize in the InKnowvation Pitch Challenge.

Increasing productivity: how telecom can help small businesses

Are you a small business owner who is looking for ways to work more efficiently and increase your productivity? Well, read on to find out how this small business is using telecommunications to facilitate and improve its operations.

Digital Hacks: 5 Reasons You Should Use WhatsApp Business

Do you really need WhatsApp Business? Yes! That’s according to Keron Rose, Digital Marketing Expert, in this edition of Flow Business Digital Hacks. Watch now to learn 5 ways WhatsApp Business can boost your business’ connection with your customers!

Meet our first place InKnowvation Pitch Challenge winner

Our Inknowvation Pitch Challenge winner is also Jamaica’s first-ever aged artisan cheese company. Find out how they turned a passion for food into a business.

5 foolproof social media marketing strategies

Digital media expert Hannah Swift offers tips to help small businesses get started on social media and create a business-building presence. Discover here five social media strategies to help you “get social” with confidence.

Digital Hacks: 3 Simple Steps to Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is easier than you think! In this video from Flow Business´ Digital Hacks, Keron Rose, Digital Marketing Expert, helps you kick things off in three simple steps. Learn here how to start making great content in no time!

Digital marketing on a dime for small business owners

Digital Marketing Expert Keron Rose shares some helpful tips and free tools for building a low-cost smart digital marketing strategy in this infographic. You don’t want to miss this!

Digital Hacks: Why Your Business Needs a YouTube Channel

In just about three minutes, Keron Rose, Digital Marketing Expert, gives you three good reasons to get your business on YouTube in this episode of Digital Hacks from Flow Business. Get the details here.

Improve your customer experience with 5 digital tools

When customers encounter the right content at the right stage of their decision-making process, it can improve—and speed up—your customer journey. Discover five tools to help you streamline your customer experience for better business.

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