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Tips for Scaling Your Business in the Digital Age

Scaling your business under challenging circumstances can be rough. Still, QuickCart Founder and CEO Monique Powell knows how to get it done. See what she had to say about it at BTC business and Flow Business InKnowvation 2022.
Damian J. Mascoll
By Damian J. Mascoll
/ October 18, 2022 / Reading time: 10 min

InKnowvation 2022 provided attendees with key insights from some of the Caribbean's top entrepreneurs and business leaders and exciting, interactive workshops to help them pivot to success in the digital age. After the series, businesses from across the Caribbean pitched their business plans for a chance to win a share of $15,000 USD in cash and services during the InKnowvation Pitch Competition.

What entrepreneur hasn´t asked the question: how to grow my small business? That´s why  QuickCart Founder and CEO Monique Powell shared lessons from her entrepreneurial journey during the Tech Beach Retreat spotlight: so you can get inspired!

Long before she ran Jamaica’s answer to Uber Eats, Monique Powell—Founder and CEO of QuickCart—was a teenager dipping her toes into entrepreneurship by importing and selling computer parts. It wasn’t long before she started a web design business;  now, she’s running a successful eCommerce and logistics service.

Monique shared some of the valuable lessons she’s learned (and some things she wishes she had done differently) inside the Tech Beach Retreat spotlight: from the importance of building a strong team early on, to the necessity of taking care of yourself, to the challenges she faced in entering the eCommerce space within the realities of Caribbean infrastructure.


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So, if you´re still asking yourself “how to grow my small business?”, check out how Monique overcame it all to leverage her strengths and scale her business during a pandemic on the video below.

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